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STD Testing Cherry Hill

STD Testing Cherry Hill is a 100% confidential STD testing facility. All tests are FDA approved and are performed in a laboratory to ensure the most accurate results possible. Confidentiality is our number one priority, so you can rest sure knowing your information is kept completely private. Our testing locations are discrete and local, so testing is quick and convenient.

We offer multiple testing options, ranging from individual tests to comprehensive panels. If you are unsure as to which tests you need, our trained health counselors are standing by to assist in answering any questions you might have.

After testing, results are processed in just 24-72 hours. You can call at any time to check the status of your results. If a positive result is detected, our physicians can prescribe treatment to any pharmacy in the nation. Call STD Testing Cherry Hill for a free consultation and get tested today!

Discrete STD Testing
Discrete STD Testing
Discrete STD Testing

STD Incidence Rates in Cherry Hill

1 in 5 people in America has an STD.

1.1 million Americans are infected with Gonorrhea.

1 million Americans are infected with HIV.

4 million Americans are infected with Chlamydia.

40 million Americans are infected with Genital Herpes.

300,000 Americans are infected with Hepatitis B

120,000 Americans are infected with Syphilis.

750,000 Americans are infected with Genital Warts.

STD Symptoms in Cherry Hill

Having sexual contact either with or without protection automatically puts you at risk to contract STDs. Most STDs don't show symptoms, and even still can take years to develop fully. The STDs that do exhibit symptoms can cause: burning feeling during urination; discharge that is thick, has an odor, or has an abnormal color; bleeding between periods; pain while having sex; symptoms that resemble the flu; and itchy genitals. Unfortunately, the STDs that can cause these symptoms don't always do so. The only way to be completely sure of your sexual health is to get tested. If you think you have an STD or are experiencing any STD symptoms, contact your nearest Discrete STD Testing center for a free STD testing consultation!

Discrete STD Testing

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